Steambot Recordings:
A STEAM (Science-Technology-Education-Arts-Mathematics)-inspired record label.


Our first release on 12/12/12 is a collaboration between the sci-fi soundtrack composer Rubber Band Banjo and art/science high school students from Perpich Center for Arts Education in Minnesota. Synthetic Biology II: The Evolution Machine is the second album in a synthetic biology trilogy that aims to educate and entertain the public about the emerging field of synthetic biology through soundtrack music and spoken word recordings, using the STEAM (Science-Technology-Education-Arts-Mathematics) movement as inspiration.  The musical approach used to create this album was abstractly analogous to the assembly of genetic circuits, where musical elements were assembled like biological parts, as described in the album artwork.  Inspired by the concept of the evolution machine, a real-life machine that evolves organisms in the lab, all the tracks on this album were subjected to various random and non-random audio mutations as the music progresses.  The result of this approach is a recombination of different musical styles that include sci-fi jazz, progressive rock, dub, spastic pop, and experimental electronic music, all filtered through scientific concepts. Read a full description and stream the audio for free on Bandcamp:

The first Synthetic Biology album in the trilogy is here:

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: We are interested in releasing musical albums that use scientific, technological, or mathematical concepts for the music creation process or in the album artwork. Please email us at info [at] if you are interested in more info or want to make a submission.